Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Island Zen

My medical training has left me the gift of two things:

1. the ability to 'compartmentalize', which, in a nutshell, means I can put myself into a state of denial so deep, it would blow your mind,

and B.  the ability to adjust very quickly to my circumstances.

Number two will help me greatly today, as I got a random phone call at 9pm last night, mentioning that the power will be out all this morning. 

And you know that, how?

It was scheduled, they're moving a building on Swan's Island. Didn't anybody call you?

Um, no.
No, if they had, we would have spent yesterday afternoon's school board meeting making alternate arrangements for the visitors we are expecting today!

Because, school cannot be held without heat (not an issue today), and running water.

We've got it under control. And they can still enjoy the day with their visitors. The kids are so excited, it would have been a shame to cancel this author's visit.

The Post office should be boring this morning; there's not much I can do without power.

But I can knit! I'm bringing Branching Out. And I'm smiling ear to ear at the thought of no computer, no phone (landline, anyway), no distractions...
Fingers crossed for an All-Day-Blackout!

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