Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coffee Rolls!

Or, the reason my bee-hind will soon need its own zip code.

This is not really a recipe, or even a how-to. I just had so much fun making these, I had to include you. 

And, yes, these will be added to the Frenchboro Bakery's website, as well as be available on the island, for those of you already emailing!

Start with some yummy, sweet yet flaky (like me!) dough...
Drown in butter. Drown. Seriously.
Cover with sugar to hide how much butter you just put on there.
Quick before anybody sees.

Cover that with cinnamon. Really good cinnamon. A lot.
And start rolling.
I love this part.
I once won a contest...well, that was college. Best not to say.

Roll tightly!

Oh, my.

This one is mine. I 'tracked' him through the baking process, claiming him every step of the way.
I'm like that.


Incredibly hot in that oven. I know, because I was in there while I took this picture. I may have been shaking somewhat as my skin was singed. But it was worth it. Just look at those beauties!

This may have been a better way to take a picture.
Now, me? I could've just left these alone- undressed, naked, if you will, and been perfectly content.

But it's not about me.
So, I did this:



Watch for them on the website very, very soon!


  1. You are kill'in me with all the food posts. Kill'in me I tell ya.

  2. send some down! jay1

  3. i'm rolling on the floor and MOANING! Last day of the cleanse. I am SO ordering a dozen of these next week!

  4. I love these!! Worth all the work and they taste so much better. Drooling here! :)