Friday, January 23, 2009

We Caved.


We're sell-outs.
Downright immoral.

We've joined the masses.

We got satellite TV.

After 11 years of holding out, we were enticed into it by the threat of losing one of our 3 stations. (you know, the digital conversion bs thing.)

And I still would have held out if the 2 stations we will get didn't punk out, even on good weather days. 

     So we now have a big, flat screen tv (did I mention that our old cabinet -style tv died on Christmas Eve? It was 17 years old. A moment of silence, please.).
We can afford this by eating cat food once a week. Not the Things, we give them hot dogs. Which may be the same thing.

It has a crystal clear picture, and, like, 1000 stations.
We watched the Channel Guide all day today. 
No, just kidding. Though it was on A LOT.
No, you want to know the first show we watched with a crystal clear picture?
"A Baby Story"
 The Things picked it out. (note to self: do not read the titles on the Guide Menu out loud.)

Yup, we watched a set of twins being born by cesarean. It looked familiar.
I thought they'd be horrified. (I was, later, by some of their questions. What can I say? I was mesmerized by the picture quality, and didn't give enough thought to what we were watching. And, you know, I've seen it all before, so it isn't me.)

And when it was over, we switched channels to " A Birth Story", and watched...the 'other' kind of birth. That one was kinda like a car wreck. We all had our hands over our eyes, but were peeking through our fingers.
Waaaay too many questions after that one.

Can't wait to hear what they ask the teachers at school tomorrow. I'm totally going to get a phone call.


  1. About a year and a half ago I splurged and got Hubby a Flat Screen 42" HDTV for his birthday. It was one of the best things I've every purchased. We watch numerous Nature and Educational shows now besides the Sports we typically watch. It has actually made us smarter!!!!!

  2. I remember watching Little House on the Prairie with my kids when they were little and someone called the little boy Pa adopted a bastard. Well that started a line of questions from my 6 and 4 year old that still make me shake my head in wonder!!! We need a new TV too, which flavor cat food holds the most appeal???

  3. The only problem with cable/satellite tv, is the importance that is put on it. We tend to watch too much tv anyway (of course with 3 stations I bet that was not a problem) and the problem grows when you have more channels to watch. Of course, even with a 1000 stations, there will be those nights when you cant find anything you want to watch :-). Congrats on the new TV.

  4. We don't watch those shows. Nope. Not here. Never. Food Network, however...

  5. We keep getting worse and worse. I used to have no cable or anything. My husband did when I moved in. Then we get more and more channels added. Then DVR added. Then HD added... I have no idea what our monthly bill is, and I just don't want to know.

  6. Another thing -- satellite TV has trouble in snow. Here in N.M. it almost never snows, and the little we get messes it up. I can't imagine what happens in Maine. Hopefully your dish is where you can reach it to dust it off.

  7. Mummy, what is happening to that lady? Is that where I came from? That is gross! Can we watch next time you have another baby, mummy? lol I am sure that these were some of the questions put forward for answering. I would love to get satellite TV but dont need it, soon we will have 15 free to air stations, and that should keep me busy. I just hope that there is something good to watch on them.

  8. Once you have that tv guide thing, going back to just flipping channels isn't the same. I can't believe you guys watched the "birth story"! You're beyond brave. I keep hoping they'll invent something different by the time we're ready to have our own Things.

  9. I need to see a picture of the room with the TV