Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sock Blockers!

     I was intrigued by these. Are they really necessary? Will they truly improve my knits (socks, anyway)? Or are they gimmick, like so many things?

I've been ogling some very pretty ones here.

And there are plastic ones. And I could twist a couple of wire hangers into the appropriate shape and use them. But I, like Joan Crawford, don't allow wire hangers in the house (though we don't have the them), so I would have to procure a couple. 

In the end, I did nothing.

And in the meantime, the Big Guy did this:

See? I knew there was a reason I kept him around!


They're awesome!

Still not sure they're actually necessary. But they are fun, and make it easy for the unskilled photographer that I am to take pictures of socks. 

And Thing Two makes them walk around the house, so they are entertainment as well.


  1. Hurray for sock blockers!! I love mine - I think my new socks always look much better after a dry on the sock blockers. Especially cabled or lace socks. In fact, my dad made a whole pile of blockers for me to sell in an Etsy shop. They are still sitting in a pile in my craft room waiting to be sanded and varnished. Someday I'll get around to it . . . maybe.

  2. I'd like to know if blockers make socks dry faster!!!
    awesome! i'm going to have to get husband to break out the mitre saw.

  3. I never block socks. That's what feet are for! I only use my sock blockers to take photos for the blog. But somehow I felt I had the need for a couple of sets!