Wednesday, January 7, 2009


The Frog Pond (Fire Pond) has frozen over!

We've been skating every day, as soon as the sun is high.

The first day involves a flurry of phone calls-"who got new skates from Santa?"
 "What size were his old ones?"
"What size is he/she now?"
"How many pairs of socks will it take to make a size 2 fit into a size 4??"

You get the idea.

By the second day, pretty much everybody has a pair of usable skates. They may not be the exact size, but we make them work.

And off they go!!


Is it good exercise?
Look how sweaty Thing One is in those last 2 pictures!

By the way, you should see her box on the Wii. She's scaring me.
I may have to move out for her teenage years.

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  1. I remember skating on the frozen swamp as a kid - none of th0se fancy Zamboni groomers!