Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Right under your nose...

I realized this project never got its Day In The Sun. It has actually shown up in a few of my posts, as a backdrop.

A sneak peek at what I've been working on...


I can't comment on the pile of stuff under the tree. But I was compelled to prove that I have, indeed, been knitting my fingers off!

This is Maryse's Christmas Tree. I got one done long before Christmas, and then got sidetracked with 482 other things. My original goal was to do three trees in various sizes. I don't know why. And I actually had to buy the fun fur to make this. 

I bought fun fur.

The Big Guy has made fun of this unmercifully. 

Thing One thinks it looks better as a hat. (I have not stuffed this, nor made the base yet.)

I still can't believe I bought fun fur.

And yet I still plan to make the other two smaller -sized trees.

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  1. I like fun fur! Nothing wrong with that (unless you have to frog the darn thing). Interesting looking tree. What is your tree sitting on?

    CARS - Mine is now getting fixed. I just brought hubby a 1997 Mitsubishi Nimbus 7 seater. It looks like a 4 wheel drive, so that is cool and uses very little fuel for its size. Will have to take some pictures of it. It has an aircon, CD player and heater, and the wipers work...its great..lol