Friday, January 9, 2009

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Remember that? From a Snoopy cartoon? I seem to recall Snoopy sitting on the roof of his doghouse with a typewriter, and that particular line. And the Red Baron. I think.

My memory is completely shot.
I abide by the theory that a brain can only hold so much information. When full, some must be jettisoned.

So, back to the dark and stormy night...the night was fine, but it was a windy and snowy day! Wednesday's ferry  run was uneventful, even with the snowstorm, but the Thursday run was cancelled. 
Last minute maintenance!
There was a  Maine DOT Ferry Advisory Board meeting  scheduled for Thursday, as it happened, so it was great timing. Nothing like a bunch of freshly inconvenienced people pleading their case in a public forum.  It's unfortunate, really, that I couldn't be there. I would be instrumental in such a discussion.  I can't wait to hear the results of the meeting.

In the meantime, the ferry will do a make up trip, as policy states, on Friday morning at 9am.

The Big Guy is stranded over there, along with Rob S., John and his wife, Lewis, Paul and Joey, and Tammy and her crew.
I don't know about the rest of them, but the Big Guy is bored to tears, as can be evidenced by the 482 times he has called me. I am NOT bored to tears, (the Post Office is open whether the mail makes it over or not) so the calls are...well, you get it.

At least it's cold enough outside that our groceries are not rotting in the truck. 
Been there, done that.
 Costs a lot of money. 
It makes for some interesting conversations, too, watching four or five hundred dollars of refrigerated and frozen food melt and rot. And it's not like you can ask somebody to store that volume of food in their fridge overnight, you know, in the hope that the boat runs the next day as it is supposed to...

But- check this out!
Kristi is back from vacation, and look what she brought!


I told her I didn't want anything in return for goat-sitting! 
I figured she'd grab something with ears for the kids, because she's like that. 
But I sure didn't expect all this!

How funny is that???
The mug is supposed to be for the Big Guy. So he moved up to Thing One.
And the kids are 2 and 3.

Once again, my habits are world-known.
How cute are these wine stoppers?

There was another mug, very cute- it was Minnie Mouse's butt and legs (!), but it broke in transit. She gave it to me to put a plant in, as it's only broken around the rim. (I put it up in the post office and didn't think to take a picture. I will. Gotta find a small plant.)
So she stole Jeremy's mug. I'm going to sneak it back to him. (Joe- don't say anything- let's see if she notices!)
No gift is complete without chocolate! I hid the bars, and let the Things eat the ears. It was a bribe to get them to walk to and from school Wednesday in that sleeting snow - twice, because they aren't allowed to stay at school from 11-12 (we hung at the post office, even though I close at 11 on Wednesdays). The Big Guy took the truck off the island. So I've been riding the four-wheeler to the Post Office. In the snow. Awesome.


Love this! I stuck it on my coat! More Dr. Seuss!!

They insisted on wearing these to school Thursday. I insisted on the turtlenecks underneath.
How cute is that???!!

Yeah my tree is still up. You got a problem with that?
(It's coming down today.)
It's because I'm knitting like a maniac. Christmas knitting, to be exact. Shut up, and stop laughing.

The sad thing is, I have 8 birthdays to be knitting for (or at least get gifts for) through mid- February (2 of those are biggies), and three more in March (one more biggie).

And I'm still Christmas knitting.


  1. Yikes! At least you have some company, though, right?

    Love the "Thing" tees. When they outgrow them, make "tee" bags!

  2. I still have one of my two trees up and 1/2 of all the decorations. The boxes from the 1st tree are still in the room!!

    Glad your groceries are ok!

  3. I totally still have my Christmas tree and decors up. This is not a surprise though, is it?