Monday, January 12, 2009

Chinese Food

I have an addiction . ok, many.

In my defense, I lived in Boston for 27 years, where I was surrounded by some really great samplings of it. And I reeeeally loved it. There was a time when I subsisted solely in it, and coffee. And really, what more could you need? Ah, to be 20 again....

So it comes as no surprise to me that the Things also love Chinese cuisine. We don't eat it in Maine, because it's not what I'm used to (they wouldn't know the difference), but it's a staple when we go visit. And when you eat something 3 or 4 times a week, and then give it up entirely for months at a time...well.

So I've learned to make some stuff at home (sooo not the same. But I'm sure it's healthier. No offense, awesome restaurants that I grew up with, and will still be enjoying when I'm nearby.).

Thanks to my friend Crazy Leslie, Thing One believes that Chinese food cannot be eaten with any utensil except chopsticks. (I'd never used a chopstick in my life until I met Crazy Leslie. I would starve in China. Or at least be shunned, because I would be eating with my hands. Not a pretty sight.)

And whaddaya know- Thing One is a pro!

People used to kid me about all the Chinese food I ate when I was younger. And when Thing One was born, she had a beautiful Oriental look to her. I used to call her my China Doll.
Of course, it was attributed to all the Chinese food in my system. 
The breakdown of my food DNA (totally made that up)probably goes something like this:

18% chocolate
7% wine
40% Chinese food (predominately starring seafood)
30% Italian food (predominately starring shellfish)
5% miscellaneous

Me in a nutshell! You are what you eat!

Like it was an extension of her hand, first time at bat.

This one, however....
has inherited my chopstick-using grace and agility. He was determined to use them, but he was starving and getting really frustrated. He went for the two- handed approach...which he may have copied from me...


Of course, all the shots are blurry. This Thing does not stay still.



He was so proud. In the end he was spearing the meat onto the 'sticks.
But he was able to eat most of it, and would NOT use the fork we kept pushing at him.

Oops. We like stuff HOT and SPICY around here. Like, the hotter, the better. I usually add it to our own dishes to spare the Things, but sometimes I forget. And Thing One loves it. This Thing...not so much.

I have a bag of chopsticks. A bag. Of about 100 pair. Where did they come from? Mother? Did you bring them back from Singapore?? And how did Thing One know we had them??


  1. Today is Delurking Day and I want you to know that I read your blog everyday and I love it.
    I am always embarrassed when I go to a sushi bar and end up stabbing my food with the chopsticks because I cannot get them to work correctly :-)

  2. How strange! We had Chinese for dinner tonight - in I can't remember how long...

  3. My mom loves pointing out the fact that my Finnish BF uses chopsticks better than I do. It's a pet peeve of hers that I hold my chopsticks like I'm holding a pencil. least it gets food where it's supposed to. And what Thing 2 is doing with the chopsticks looks about right to me. I'm with him - hot & spicy aren't for me either!