Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So... what point does Christmas Knitting become next year's Christmas Knitting?

Today's Agenda included:

1. fighting with internet provider over the status of said internet.
note to internet provider: When I tell you the thing ain't working, I most certainly DO know what I'm talking about. You owe me big for not calling your Mothers.

2. arguing/explaining with some force why the Direct TV man can't come out to this ISLAND (island being the key word) whenever his schedule allows. We live by the ferry schedule. So will he.
I've stopped arguing. They will send the guy. He will do his work. We will have tv (woohoo). And THEN I'll worry about how the poor shmuck will get home, because the woman in the Portland office surely could not care less about it.

3. kicking The Big Guy's butt playing the tank game on the Wii. It's the dumbest waste of time I've ever encountered, but I've apparently missed my calling as a tank-driver-person. On the Wii, anyway. I don't guess I'd get 34 or 35 chances in real life. But I kicked Butt on Wii.

What a waste of a day.
Can I get a do-over?


  1. do you play cards or are you not very good at that?

  2. I am so laughing over the Direct TV issue.


  3. Uh oh, Mr. Direct TV may need to sleep in a tent in your back yard. Brrrr!

  4. When the Island's God allows it, FIOS is the way to go. Then you can sit back and tell DTV to suck it!