Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hot Sox Done!

They are awesome! I really love this yarn, can't say enough good things about it. (Must get on Rav and tell everybody!)  I've got at least half of this skein left over (I like short socks).  I don't think I'd chance another adult pair of socks, I will use it to make a pair for Thing One.



I really, really love my socks! It's my first hand knit for me item ever!

The one good thing about having a half-dead cat is that she never gets into my yarn. I worked on this sock until the wee hours of the morning, and crawled up to bed at 4am (my usual evening routine) on my hands and knees, leaving the only-needs-a-toe sock on the needles in a heap next to my chair. Thank the Knitting Gods it was untouched this morning!

stop taking pictures of me.
I can't ! I'm impressed that you're upright, and for once I don't have to check if you're breathing!

I started a sweater, and believe it or not, have the back finished. It's a kid size, and it's a quickie. Forgot to take a pic, what with all the sock excitement. I'll save it for tomorrow.
Off to make chicken parm for dinner. I lost a bet with Thing One, she gets to call dinner.

Thank God she didn't think to ask for lobsters!

Oh, I almost forgot our big news...Thing Two had his Kindergarten screening yesterday (long story, there was cause for concern), and he got a "two thumbs up" from Mrs. Sanborn. Not sure exactly what that means, but we were very excited!  He can't wait to go to Big School. He will start to 'transition' one morning a week starting the first week of May.
but oh my god my baby is going to be in kindergarten!!!

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