Saturday, April 26, 2008

April vacation

This week is school vacation...though as it's Saturday, I guess it's technically over.

We left the island on Sunday for a quick trip to Boston. Ate lots of great food, saw the family, went out to dinner, and brought home 6 trash bags of hand-me-downs! 

We came home Thursday, and swapped off the boy at the ferry terminal. Poor kid, he got up at 3:30 in the morning, drove all the way to Maine, rode the ferry...and had to ride back and then spend another few hours in the truck before he got to camp. I think he was in a carseat for 12 hours. ugh! 
The boys won't be home until Sunday, and cell service is spotty, so all I get is a quick 'hello, I'm still alive' on the phone each night. We'll get all the gory details of their trip Sunday night.

Thing One and I are having a girls' weekend. It's been fun! We went to the nail salon with Natalia while in Boston, and had mani-pedi's. We all got little flowers painted on our toes! (The girls had their fingers painted too, and got flowers...I only wear clear polish on my fingers...).I had to pass the camera off to husband for obligatory fish pictures, so I can't show any of this until they return. Little Miss Thing helped unload the very full van when we got back, and then fell asleep while I put away all the food. We spent Thursday night and Friday morning trying on clothes and putting them away. She has LOTS of stuff for summer and next winter!

We got 2 movies on Netflix to watch while the boys are away, Ella Enchanted and Pippi Longstocking. Ella was excellent, but Pippi was not what I remembered. I'm not sure if there is an older version (this one was 1988, I would have seen this in the 70's)or if I'm remembering the books. I'm old enough that it could be either! Miss T liked them both. We had salmon for dinner Thursday, at her request-it is her absolute favorite dinner, and the boys don't really care for it. She ate 2 filets!
Tonight she has asked for Pirates of the Carribean, one of my all-time faves. We will make grilled shrimp and salad for dinner and brownies for desert , again, at her request.

Once we got laundry, floors, and all those clothes out of the way, I was able to get to some fun stuff.
I worked on the yoke of the top-down sweater, and am maybe halfway to the armpits.
And what did I knit that with, I heard you ask???
I had a lovely, lovely surprise waiting for me when I got home Knitpicks Options set!!!
I love, love, love, them! I used the 24" cable to start the neck, then switched to the 32". This is where I usually run into a problem with circs...I don't have every cable length in all needle sizes (who does?). They are easy to change, and are soooo smooth. Worth every penny.

I plan on staying up tonight to finish the yoke on that sweater.

I did the prototype of the crocheted bracelet. I really like it.

I ordered all the seeds for the vegetable garden. We are trying some new stuff this year, as well as our usual roma tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash, basil, parsley, and cilantro.
This year we'll try peas (fingers crossed), bush cukes, rhubarb, horseradish (this is a Father's Day present for husband...don't tell!), and Biker Billy's hot peppers.
I'm anxious about the peas, we've never tried to grow those before. 
We've got one big raised bed, for the zucchini and squash, the herbs I plant in flower boxes, and the rest will go in tubs. There is no soil here!

And they don't know it yet, but my husband and kids got me something I've always wanted for Mother's Day...Black- Eyed Susans. This will be the third time I will try to get these to grow, so wish me luck! 
Also on my wish list are a black butterfly bush, and a green wizard rudbeckia

I learned how to do the link thing!!!
And I read 682 emails, because I haven't checked it for 4 days.

Off to knit!!


  1. Your home sounds lovely! People think California is lovely, but I have to tell you, it isn't if you live in the valley!

  2. Yay for veggies! I haven't had a vegetable garden since I was very young. I want to plant one, but we're trying to sell our house this year and I didn't want to plant veggies for people who might just ignore them. :( And I am sending you warm wishes for your black-eyed Susans. Mine are doing great, but I'm pretty sure central IL and ME are not the same zone. In fact, I believe they are native to IL. Look for a sunny spot and I'll bet they take off for you.