Monday, April 7, 2008

It's in the mail...

As I have pitiful progress on the sock to show you, I will attempt to distract you with some pretty pictures of Frenchboro, and show you our mail delivery system.


the inner harbor

Here comes the Sparrow, from Swan's Island. (in the middle)



That's Paul at the helm. He's a minister, a lobsterman, and has something like 10 or 11 kids.

The mail leaves the mainland from Bass Harbor, rides the ferry boat to Swan's Island, and Paul brings it to me on his lobster boat. We don't miss many days!
If I had 11 kids, I'd ride around in a boat all day. And I hate boats. Paul's awesome, I've never met anyone so cheerful, all the time. It's not normal.

Then I bring the mail up to the post office, and sort it into our boxes. I didn't take pics of the post office because we recently moved, and it needs a little 'decorating'. If I ever get off this rock, I will bring back some plants. When I get it all pretty, I'll show you some pics!

Here's some more pretty harbor, what a beautiful day it was!


Here is some trap crap on the dock...


And this one is a shrimp trap. Smaller mesh, and the guts of the trap are way different. Cool color, huh? If I were a shrimp, I'd totally swim in there, just for the color.


Mmmmmmm, shrimp.....

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