Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weapons of Mass Destruction

What could this be?


Anyone? Beuller??

It is this. Or these.


Santa brought me not one, but two of these big beauties.
We have one cast iron skillet. It's 10 inches. It doesn't hold a whole pound of bacon.
It doesn't fit 4 haddock fillets at one time. Liver and onions (droooool) requires two batches of onions and countless batches of liver pieces.
It's like cooking with dollhouse furniture.

As you can imagine, it doesn't see much use in this house. It is, however, the first pan I reach for when presented with meat, fish, potatoes...most everything.

This year, Santa decided it was time to upgrade to the 12 inch. And for good measure (and because he knows it will get used here) he threw in the 16inch.

butter and an egg, for scale. And my crooked fingers.

Holy Moly. Now THAT's what I'm talking about! I can't lift it. Even with two hands.
But that's okay; I don't plan to take it for walks.

Clearly, there is more to the story of the cast iron skillet, as the title of this post implies.

Let's just say that without The Old Ten-incher, there would likely have been a Thing One-And-A-Half, and one completely insane postpartum Mother breastfeeding Two Things.

(Note to OB/GYN's everywhere: Six weeks my left foot!)

I slept with that skillet for a year.
Only had to use it once. Cast Iron Rocks.

Apparently, I eventually fell asleep.


He's not at all sure this was a good idea.

p.s. We'd already used the big one, and I took pictures before we'd oiled it. Distract yourself from the soiled-looking interior by looking at my filthy stove.


  1. Remind me never to sneak up on you.

  2. I have two 13 inchers that I use all the time... one's in the oven now w/ a ham!

  3. NICE!!!!! I adore my cast iron skillet - I am only sad that I have one of those crappy newfangled "smooth top" stoves so I can only use my skillet outside on the gas burner on the grill. That'll change one day when Santa brings mama a new AGA stove. You know, after Santa wins the lotto!
    Enjoy those babies and all the yumminess they imply!!!!!!!!

  4. Cast Iron pans really are great to cook with, 16 inch - Wow! So who lifts the pan monster off the stove? Can't wait to see what yummy things you will cook on this goliath.

  5. I love my lodge pan! I have a 10 inch one too, but am thinking I need to upgrade too! :)

  6. Awesome skillets! I still use the 10" one that came with hubby ;) who knows how old it is. It's holding a tenderloin from the oven now. I have skillet envy now LOL

  7. I want a cast iron skillet, though I've never had a reason to use one. I tend to think that one time in my life I will make tortillas.