Thursday, December 17, 2009

OK, Knittaz!

It's the moment you've been waiting for.....

Remember this?


(I cleaned that table, and it was covered in homework and kid paraphernalia before I could dry my hands. These kids! They're everywhere I tell you, everywhere!)

Here's a better shot of it.


It's a swift! (Points to Jean- I think she guessed it.)
hmmm. Apparently The Boy is stripping the finish off the table. How's he doing that, I wonder?

And one of it in action:

A handmade wooden swift from The Knit Store, on etsy. I got to choose size, wood, and finish. It took me hours of pondering and debate to decide, but my inner control freak was thrilled to have her say.


Ain't she purdy?

The yarn I'm winding is from an old bloggy friend, Dawn. Dawn recycles wool. It's a fascinating process. The color in this pic is accurate, a deep dark garnet-y cranberry red. Gorgeous!
I bought it after finding a lovely pattern I just had to knit. The yarn is here. I can no longer remember what the pattern was.
Welcome to my world.

You can find Dawn at The Twice Sheared Sheep, on etsy.
(What did I do before etsy?)
Dawn also makes some really cool stitch markers. But I can't show you those. Santa will be bringing them. They mustn't be released into the wild before that day, because I will totally be using them, and that will create a problem...if you know what I mean.
(I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in this house who still buys into,well, you know... but I'm not ready to let go. They're only 6 and 8 fergodssake.)


Yes, Stash, I finally did it. I've been winding yarn off the kids hands, the Big Guy's knees, and the backs of chairs (once off a steering wheel!) for far too many years.
I don't recommend the steering wheel. The kids learned some new words THAT day.

I wanted one that sat flat on a table or floor. I had visions of me sitting with the swift clamped to the arch of one foot and the winder clamped to the other as there is no good clamping spot in my house...

This swift is the cat's meow! perfectly smooth, pretty as a peach, highly adjustable...
I Am In Love.

And it was in my hands three days after I 'clicked' on the innernet. Gotta love that!

Thank you, The Knit Store! The kids thank you, the husband thanks you, even the half-dead cat, who is mesmerized by the movement, thanks you.

Now if only I could find time to knit.


  1. I always have to use the dining room table for my umbrella swift and yarn ball winder.

    I like yours, though - very pretty.

    PS - Neatnik asked point-blank last year. She has been part of the Adult Conspiracy since then. Did I mention that she is only seven?

  2. Oooooooooooooooooo...very pretty. We'll just wait here quietly while you swift and roll all your yarn from hanks to yarn cakes. ............................................

    still waiting patiently. Are you done yet?????? LOL

    What IS it with boys and tables. Stephen has made some rough spots in the finish of our table too. :-(

  3. Well, that was certainly worth the wait...must go up to the top of your post to find out where to get this crazy contraption...I also like that yarn!

  4. Love the stain you chose for that nice swift. I have one my FIL made, I need to stain it. Sadly can't find any flat surfaces lately to use it ;) Neat recycled yarn, great color.