Thursday, December 10, 2009


We are on a Field Trip. A big one.

Our whole school (minus one) is here.
Hi Cadin! We miss you BIG TIME, Bud!

Cadin is home (sort of) having a BABY! Pretty soon. So soon, that Mom wasn't able to travel with us. We're taking lots of pictures for them.

And it was a good thing she didn't try to travel with us; it was pretty rough going.
We were hit with a blizzard, like most of you, that made driving hair-raising.
And The Big Guy is with us. In my truck. Driving. And singing.In my truck. With me.
It was a very long ride.

Highlights from the day:
  • Mapquest gave us very clear, concise directions directly to the front door of the Holiday Inn. Too bad that wasn't the hotel at which we had reservations.
  • Checking in was traumatic. Apparently, it is inadvisable to produce more than three children. It's a fire law. (Well, you can, but you can't keep them in your hotel room.)
  • One of the families in our group is Direction and Elevator-challenged. Good thing our rooms are on the first floor.
  • Our hotel, which shall remain nameless until after checkout, is providing much in the way of entertainment. Significantly, the Maintenance Dude is not happy we're here.
I don't know why...we are only 12 adults and 14 kids from some rock near DownEast Maine.

We're going to have a good time with this Dude, I can promise you that.
We've got 5 lobstermen with us, and The Finn.
They don't know what they're in for.


Here we are, being all responsible. The kids were swimming safely. We even put two (alleged) grownups in the pool, for safety's sake.


We made sure there was no running on the sidelines, and no diving, and no peeing in the pool.

The hot tub, however...


Check out that stream!


Well. Now he's getting jiggy with it.


Are you supposed to touch those buttons? Even if you're in the hot tub, and the timer for the bubble-jacuzzi thing stops?
Maintenance Dude didn't think so. And he was right handy to point that out.
(There was no sign to tell us otherwise, in our defense.)

Heathen! Rule-breaker! Is that a (gasp) paper coffee cup, with a lid????
No food or drink is allowed near the pool!
No sign for that either, though there was one that proclaimed glass containers off limits in the pool area thankyouverymuch.
Thank You, Maintenance dude, for pointing out the error of our ways. Good thing you were just outside the door, there, to see that paper cup, before any harm came to us. Phew!

(OK, this was a set-up. The cup was mine. I just took a picture of it near Jay. I confess. I had a coffee at the pool. A plain coffee. It is a school trip, after all.)


"And could you keep your children off the doors! Thank you!"

We're a bunch of rebels, huh?
I may have heard the word 'redneck' muttered under Maintenance Dude's breath.

We posted a guard by the door, to keep Maintenance Dude on his toes. Actually, Dude was behind that door, looking through the peep hole. The Big Guy was blocking his voyeuristic viewing. The kids, and all, you understand.

Ten bucks says this guy calls in sick tomorrow.


  1. Ayuh, new lows in anal-retention, eh?

  2. Guess Maintenance dude has nothing to maintain so he's bugging you guys!

    Have fun!

  3. Glad you are having fun with this, thanks for the humorous account. Some people let the smallest things bug them.