Thursday, December 10, 2009

Field Trip Update

The Maintenance Dude didn't stop spreading his Holiday Cheer at the pool last night.

He actually came a-calling at midnight...banging on one of our families' hotel room doors!

He got a 5- months- pregnant Mom out of bed, into the hallway, to ask how many kids she had sleeping in her room. I was in the room next door, and had one foot out the door to 'take him down', if necessary, but she was all over it.
She did all the right things; didn't argue, never raised her voice, talked more and more quietly the more agitated he got, and finally just went back into her room and locked the door in his face.

We think he was On Dope.
And we left.
They lost bookings for 6 rooms, for 3 more nights. But the place across the street was more than happy to have us.

We are now at a lovely hotel, in upgraded suites. The staff here is wonderful (Hi Tyler!) and couldn't be nicer.

Tomorrow we are off to visit the Governer. We have some things to discuss.

I just hope we don't make the evening news.


  1. Oh geesh!! I think I know where you were staying too! What a jerk! Hope the rest of your trip is better!

  2. Good thing I wasn't there.
    I'd have been SO in their faces!
    And I would definitely write a long detailed note/letter explaining exactly why you left so management has a clue that Maintenance Dude is going around waking the guests at midnight!

  3. Gee, wasn't he just full of Christmas cheer?

  4. Good grief, glad that you are safe and sound, looks like it worked out for the best anyway.

  5. What a moron. Maybe they'll fire him. Who wakes anybody up in the middle of the night to count kids in their room? And shouldn't that be like a hotel management thing and not maintainence anyways??