Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Day After

I have a foodover.

That's a food hangover. Ouch. Ugh. Ack.

Christmas was fabulous. The food was done in time, the presents were wrapped in time; we ate, we opened, we gave thanks and were grateful.
And then we ate again.

We're still eating.

I am far, far too lazy to post any pictures today. I may actually put clothes on today, but as it's just past noon, my enthusiasm for doing so is beginning to wane.

(Meanwhile, Chris just left here. Thing One got to the shower before me, and I am in my favorite (read:ratty) pj's. Chris doesn't count.)

I leave you with this: The Things got a new wii game. It contains many active games, one of which is Swordplay. Thing One is a champion boxer (on the wii), and has made it her goal to dominate in this game as well.
The Big Guy decided to give her a run for her money. He was giving it all he had, swinging like a madman. he got in ONE hit, and she yelled, "Hey, you just hit a girl!"
He paused for a split second...and she nailed him. Knocked him right off the platform.

I hear the rustle of tin foil calling to me...somebody just took the baked stuffed shrimp out again, and I must have one. Or two....


  1. Hehe! I made myself go out today, didn't want to, but the teenager had giftcards burning in her pocket ;) Drooling over the baked stuffed shrimp....

  2. I have a foodover too. I blame the peppermint brownies! LOL

    Love that girl of yours. She's SMAHT!!!!

  3. That's pretty hilarious. Not cheating... all is fair in fighting, no? Especially when your opponent is bigger and stronger (hahahahahahaha)