Monday, December 7, 2009

Crack for Kids

Ew. That's unsettling isn't it?

I've got to have something better than that- it sounds OK when I describe yummy yarn as Crack For Knitters, but it doesn't translate at all with kids in the title!

How about: Enticement For Kids. (Anything's better than the drug reference, right?)


Stacie sent these little foam kits to The Things.
They LOVE these. You would'a thunk they got gold.

Best part? They were completely and totally occupied for about an hour (they even watched the glue dry- I kid you not) while I snuck pieces of turkey cooked Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanks Stacie! And thanks for the other things in that package...
the coffee (yum), the chocolate-covered espresso beans (immediately hidden from the public), the crackers and dip (gone, and veryvery good), the candle which makes the house smell as if I baked all day when I actually sat on my verylargebutt and knitted (and which took an hour of explaining to the Young One that it was NOT a real apple pie, it was a candle. Yes, I did make him lick it to shut him up.).

Ah, and this:


We share a special bond, Stacie and I. It's not everyone who can give a gift like this, and have it be appreciated.

I only wish I were the sorta gal who could allow video of this in action.


  1. I'm not sure where to begin commenting.

    I'll play it safe: great job, Things!

  2. giggle...oh, that could be very useful ;) and them foamy things..wished they were around about 15 yrs ago!