Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Let the insanity begin!

I just want it here, on the record, that I sent out my Christmas cards two days before Thanksgiving!


It will very likely never happen again, so I bask in the glory of this one-shot-deal.

And back to the kitchen I go!

In between twittering and cooking and tweeting about cooking and, you know, eating..

I have been struck with a bad case of needle-ing. (One of the kids here used to say that. Marissa, what are you needle-ing? So cute.)

I needle-d this.

This is some handspun alpaca Thing One and I found at the Blue Hill Fair this year.

Soooo soft.

It was supposed to be enough for two (as in, one for her, one for me) roll brim hats...
and it well may have been....
but I saw this. (Rav link)

And I liked this. A lot. I wanted to make this. But Thing One was expecting an alpaca hat.
So I made an adult size hat, and it should fit us both.
Shhh! Don't tell her; it's for Christmas!

Both of my kids have asked for handknits this year.
I know, right???!!!!???


  1. Pretty! I'm going to check out the link...

  2. Hehe..well I bought mine last nite ;) Nice hat, and I bet soo soft! Smart kids huh ;)

  3. Wow -- you finished your cards already?! I had my lights done, and the Christmas tree is going up in stages (because of the cats).

    Love your pretty new hat!

  4. Love the hat! I"m going to put it in my queue. I'm making lots of cowls for gifts.

  5. This looks beautiful! Speaking of cuteness-your thing said yesterday while walking to gym class holding the mostrous t that we use for t-ball. I asked him if it was too heavy and he was quite indignant: "What the heck, I've been working out!" And when we chuckled he said, "Seriously, I've been doing sit ups in my mom's room." Dang, that kid sure can crack up a crowd...must get it from his parents!

  6. The hat is very nice and Alpaca should keep you nice and toasty. Needle ing - too cute! I'll bet its really cold there now, we finally have cool weather (up until a few days ago it was in the 80's) temps are now in the upper 60's - great needle ing weather for me.