Saturday, November 15, 2008


I received a fabulous package from Kathy in Oregon!

Try not to look too closely at the mess behind the goodies, I just got back from the mainland. And, who knew, 25 lb bags of flour make the perfect backdrop for a beautiful lace Noro scarf!

You know you have found treasure in a book when you open it for the first time, leaf through it, and have half of the pages dog-eared!

This yarn! Oh, this yarn!!

But this!!!!! I wrapped this around my neck as soon as I finished with the pictures, and only took it off when I got into bed. (We all know what would have happened if I left it on....)
Aside from the fact that Kathy made this for me (blush), and the fact that these are some of my favorite colors, there is another reason it was so well received...

How is it that there is shmegma even on the thermostat? Somehow The Big Guy is behind that. You should see what he does to the phone.


  1. WOW!!! Was it a swap from Ravelry? I keep wanting to join one, but time...

  2. Awesome swap package. What is that pretty yarn? And wow, your house is even colder than mine. :)