Sunday, November 30, 2008

Better than a scarf

I like scarves. I always want to be that girl who can just throw a scarf around her neck and look finished, polished, put together.

I look like I'm at the gym with a sweaty towel around my neck.

'Course in my current self-imposed heat-deprived state, I am wearing one brand new scarf repeatedly, and it's just perfect....

I love this scarf.

Once I nearly was dragged by a car when my super-long very fashionable scarf got caught in the door. I'm way cool like that.

So when I saw these popping up, I had hope.

And I had to make one.


OK, the color is off on that last one.

This is Ilean, by Patti Simmons.
In Dream in Color's Classy.
Sooo soft, soooo squishy, soooo pretty.

There are many, many more of these in my knitting future.
And many more cowls to investigate.

And, hey- since this pattern included yarn overs, and psso's...I believe I can now say I have knit lace! Not exactly the lace I aspire to, but, I'll take what I can get!


  1. I, too, love my neckwarmer and can definitely see many more on my needles (even though I did not make the first one I rec'd from so thoughtful a friend) Thanks for making one for me, I LOVE it!!!

  2. Thought you would have a laugh! Guess who's card I received in the mail the day after Thanksgiving?? Yup, Stacey!!!!

  3. oh it's kissy --duh

  4. They look lovely and so warm! Cant wait to see more of them.

  5. thanks for stopping by and wishing us a happy day, love the knitting