Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre- Thanksgiving

Saturday, the 25th, we held a Harvest Supper.

I called it the Harvest Ball, because I've always wanted to go to a Harvest Ball.
I ended up late, harried, dirty and stained from cooking all day, and went in my worst t-shirt. So much for the Ball!

I made a 20 lb turkey, stuffing, and gravy. Lots of gravy- about a gallon and a half!
mmmmm, I wish you could smell this!

There were four turkeys in all, plus all the fixin's...and desserts-oh, the desserts. It was fantastic! We all pigged out, and then we went on the Haunted Hayride.
It was the best one ever! And you know what those jerks did to me???
They rigged a bucket up over the road, filled with flour (ashes) and plastic bugs, AND REAL SPIDERS! And when we rode under it, they upturned the bucket (think Carrie)! Of course, it was pitch dark, so I never saw anything, but I'm still twitching every time I think I feel something on me. wahhaaaaa!
Despite being covered in flour and plastic bugs, it was so much fun!

This is Rit and Joan. They were moving off the island the next day. But the weather had other plans. It blew Sunday, and the ferry cancelled. They were stuck here until the next boat (Wednesday)...all packed up, with no food beause they'd used up their perishables. We brought them stuff to get through. 
Aaaaand then we got another storm Tuesday night, and the ferry cancelled the Wednesday trip!
They finally got off Thursday. Good luck, guys, we'll miss you!

Thing Two wouldn't sit with us to eat, he only wants his teachers, Mr. and Mrs. F.
He loves them!!!! (They are pretty awesome!)

So this windstorm Tuesday night.
I was up late. Yes, really.
It was blowing pretty good. And then there was a big whump. Now, the previous Sunday's storm took out the last remaining piece of our fence. The last bastion of defense against the four legged Taliban we have running amuck on the island. The Deer.
So when I heard the whump, and felt the house shake, I said, well, there goes the brace on that last piece of fence. The deer will be here any second to clean up the blueberry bushes and apple trees. 
And I went into the kitchen to get a bottle of wine.
About then The Big Guy came running downstairs, all nervous-like.
(Never moved that fast when either kid was crying during the night, but, whatever....)
Did you hear that?
Ya think?
He opened the door on that side of the house and there's this huge tree, right there, against the peak of the roof. (The only tree that is anywhere near enough to actually hit the house had to fall.)
(I meanwhile am still in the kitchen, snickering under my breath because he ran down in his skivvies, and for some reason, his sister was following him around the house. I don't think she was fully awake (she was sort of shell-shocked at the hours we keep...he falls asleep around 9pm, I go to bed around 2am, he's up at 4, the kids are up at 6...she didn't know if she was coming or going all week! In true Brotherly form he just kept yelling at her to' go to bed, what was she going to do , climb up on the roof in the dark with a chainsaw and cut it off'...I all but had my face buried in a kitchen towel so they wouldn't hear me laughing! She was inches from his half-naked butt, and he was sooo  mad! We still don't know why, or what she was doing up!)

the problem

the solution

Well, the only damage that old tree did was to crush our piece of crap antenna, and drop us from four channels to one. As I managed to soak the burnt-on apple jelly off my stovetop, I'm asking Santa for a new antenna instead of drip pans.


  1. Now that I am looking at the Turkey I am going to admitt -- I had the Marsala at Carrabas the other night ... It was not the same without you & the kids ...
    miss you xo

  2. Wow high dramas at your end of the world. Glad that tree didnt do a lot of damage. Well I better be off to bed. Will read the rest later tomorrow.

  3. WOW! I finally got around to checking out your tree! Such a sad loss. I really miss the tree that fell on our house. Our neighbour had some friends with chainsaws and they cut the poor thing down on the weekend. I'm glad your house was okay too!!