Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Things First!

I'm Back, Baby!

That was an unexpected hiatus! 

So, one day in the middle of last week, I went to get the mail. And there was a box for me! I love it when that happens! 


Just look at this surprise!!

I love it when stuff inside boxes is wrapped too, prolongs the excitement...

Oooooo, tea, yum, and cute cute kitty (which only made it into the picture because it was about 3am when I finally was alone to open the box. I knew I'd never get pics with everybody around!)
And a postcard from Jersey.... so pretty!
I love these!!!!! (and I see cupcakes in my future...)
And I love this!!!!!  It went right into my bag...minus the Tazo. Label read  Calm Herbal Infusion, and it was must have for almost 2 weeks with a houseguest. During a school week. (Did I mention I have OCD tendencies?)
It tasted great, but wine was ever so slightly more numbing calming.
This is one of Grace's infamous Tea Cozy's...which Thing 2 is wearing as a hat! I keep fighting it away from him, and showing him what it's for, and he keeps stealing it back off the teapot!
He says, "No, Mama, you're wrong...the holes are for if you have a ponytail". Oh my.
His Father is going to have a fit if he sees it on him!

And wait 'til you see this.....
Are these my colors, or what????
How much do I love this yarn???
The best part??   HAND DYED BY TOM! 

Thank you so much Grace (and Tom), I love everything!! It was so nice of you!

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