Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween sugar-high wearing off...

I don't have much fun to share, just the nonsense of trying to keep a few businesses running.

I have this really crappy picture:
Seriously, what is up with my crappy pics??

This is Ilean, but shorter and tighter. Think turtleneck, instead of cowl. I actually prefer this size to the original, if only because I would likely wear it in place of a scarf, and I'd want it to be inside my coat, against my neck, and in order to close the coat it had to be shorter and tighter.
I sent this one off to Kathy in Oregon. I hope she likes!
And I've got another one on the needles in a different yarn.

I've been agonizing over this yarn:


I love this yarn wound in a skein, but then I wound it into a ball....and...well....

It's just so busy! At first I thought fingerless mitts, because, well, I love them, and I'm really itching to do them in some fingering weight. 
But, eh.

Then I realized that Thing One's winter coat is brown and pink, and would match this yarn perfectly. Hmmm. Maybe a hat for Christmas. Oh, wait- Christmas is in December. Not an option.
Possibly mittens. But wait, this is her snow coat I'm talking about.
Snow Coat + Not Waterproof Mittens = why bother?
So socks. Because she, like me, will wear any socks with any outfit. That's what feet are for.

And so:

I did some 2x2 ribbing, and spent exactly 3 days scouring Ravelry for a pattern that will not be a complete and total waste of time in these colors. I think I found one.
But I'm going to try it first, just in case I'm totally and completely wrong (like I've been about the other 482 patterns I've tried so far. One thing I can say about this yarn, I've knit and frogged this for 3 days, and it's only showing the slightest bit of abuse.)

And I am determined to find something other than plain vanilla.

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  1. The yarn is beautiful, I love pink and brown. And if it is a little busy, well, socks are the perfect answer.