Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not the only one...

I don't know if I'm happy to not be the only person somewhat obsessed with commercials (the funny ones, anyway), or ...disturbed.

But I had to put this here.

Can I just mention that this guy reminds me of my friend Scott soooo much- the face when the bird gets eaten? I've seen that face on Scott before! It's uncanny. And it's the reason this commercial caught our attention in the first place.


And one more..I've mentioned this before. I still sing this song when I'm really bored.
(The middle one stinks, but the first one is a riot!)

Do I have to tell you that I've just watched these about 80 times each?
No, you knew that.


  1. Ok, I hadn't seen the Jeep commercial before (we don't have cable/satellite/whatever) but I laughed out loud when the dog spit the bird back out. My son just keeps asking "Whats so funny mom?" Thanks for sharing!

  2. OMG I LOVE the commerical for jeep. I sing along with it all the time and I love the way the guy in the commercial looks in the mirror and nods along with the song!