Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Event of the Millennium

Yeah, I can say that, because we live on a rock that is 3 miles square, and not much happens around here. Well, not much that I can print publicly, anyway.

This is how you get to an island wedding. (And if you're me, you spend three days agonizing over the weather as well as who will wear what on which boat.)

Look, there's Scott, on the left in the blue jacket. The Big Guy told him he looked like a game show host.
That's double trouble, right there. Wyatt on the left, The Big Guy on the right.

Thank You, God, and all the Sea Creatures for the calm seas. Couldn't ask for any better.

She still didn't like the ride, but it may have been the 'jump seat'.

Wyatt and Lorena Beal. Wyatt is responsible for  my first child's existence.
 Not like THAT!
He got us to go to a KISS CONCERT, and claims the super-loud music...and I quote, "Shook something loose", curing our three year run of infertility.
I don't know, he may have something there. He also brought me over to the mainland when my water broke. Hmmm, did I ever thank him for that, in all the excitement?
Two of my most favorite people in the world, Frank and Marge Mancuso.

John and Jean DesJardin. She's a sweetie; he's a joker. We love them!
Guess where his hand is? (She slaps him in a second.)
(That's Jay's Mom and Dad; Tammy's in-laws)

My Crew. 

My Homies.

I dread the day they are all teenagers. This island isn't going to know what hit it. And Molly is missing.

Ross. Classic. Love his Tony Soprano shirt. You knew there'd be at least one lobster tie. And he's not even a fisherman.
Didn't get a picture of him, but Lewis wore one too. He is a fisherman.
Zach and Laurette. That was our last wedding! And the baby who was sitting up on the bulkhead on the boat is Brianna. She's their youngest.
Davie. You're not fooling us for one minute. We know Debbie picked out your clothes for you today. (Thank You, Debbie.)
Marilyn, looking like a fairy princess.

Kim and Charlene (Charlie) Strauss. My favoritest Boat Captain, and his First Mate.

Oh, there's Brianna! That's Butch and Tina. These are the ones you want to sit with at a wedding. The laughs just keep coming. We three would never have survived school together; we all would have been expelled for goofing off.
(We actually didn't get to sit with them at the reception, just the church. It was hard; I was so afraid we were going to be asked to leave. It's all Butch's fault. He's noisy.)
There's Kimmie!
I had Joseph sneak up front to take some pictures of us all waiting in the church. He took ONE.
Thing Two got bored, and played...what else...trains, on the floor with a piece of paper.
 Chuga, chuga, chuga.

The Blues Brothers. Not brothers, actually, cousins. Nate Lunt and Joseph Lunt.
Brother of the Groom, Corey Sawyer! Just look at that smirk! He's just like his Father!

Aww, Mother of the Groom. Barbara Sawyer. Tammy's gonna give me hell for not cropping this picture. That's her on the right.

And Father of the Groom, Randy Sawyer. Umm, and Tammy's head again.

That's right, boys, block him in so he can't get away. Doin' a good job.
Hey, that's Paul Joy on the left. He 's a Minister...and you may remember him from an earlier post...he's our Mailman! My kids are still trying to figure out "why he was up on the stage at Emmie's wedding"!

And here's where I started crying. I didn't see much else of the ceremony after this.
Emmie, and her Dad, Spencer Joyce. 
Kinda gruff, Spencer is. Stoic. Sturdy, rugged fisherman -type. 
Handed Em over to Chris up on the alter with a "She's all yours". 
Everybody laughed. I cried harder. Think he did, too.
Miss Princess Marilyn, rockin' the runway.

Woo hoo!

Overcome by emotion at giving away his youngest daughter, Spencer plants a wet one on the cheek of newly in-law-ed Randy Sawyer.
A Kodak Moment.

Randy. Lookin' good, Mr. Sawyer!
No wonder Spencer was putting the moves on him!
Going to get Barbara to wear this more often She looks very, very nice.

Not much for being the center of attention.  "I'm some glad that's over with", he said!

I was taking a picture of Emmie, here, but it turns out to be the only shot I have of the cakes! And they were so pretty! I could have sworn I took pictures of that table, but I was trying hard to keep Thing Two away from it....there is a 'bridge' between them, and I JUST KNEW I'd find him up there playing trains in the cakes!!
I sat with the Bobsey Twins. That's Jay on the right. He lives next door to us, but swears he can't hear us hollering at each other. (Polish and Italian mix. We're loud. I make no apologies for it.)However, when I brought him a coffee, he seemed ...afraid...to ask for cream. I think he does hear us.
That was the first time I ever really met Jay. 
We had fun with him. Kept feeding him stuff. He kept asking for Sambuca for the coffee. 
I think he thought I had some in my purse, or something!
(There was no alcohol at this wedding. I may have commented once or thrice about missing a glass of wine...)
There's Paul, minister and mailman extraordinaire, with the Things.

You didn't think I'd leave the island without some knitting, did you? I never took it out, but I almost did on the boat ride home. I was too tired. And look, no Sambuca.
Nice try, Joe. That's Sparkling Cider. Alcohol free. But, party on, Dude!

Exactly. I hear ya.

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