Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Go Ahead, Make My Day.

And if you don't know what movie that line is from, you must run, run, I say, to your nearest Blockbuster and rent ALL of the Clint Eastwood movies. You don't know what you've missed.

I have been awarded.
I know! 
But look! It's true!

It's from my friend, Grace. I could not have been more surprised, or honored!
Thank You, Grace!
I feel like Miss America, sitting here in my pajamas, at midnight, drinking tea and catching up
on my blog-reading.
Whew, good thing this isn't like Publisher's Clearinghouse, where they show up on your doorstep with a camera crew. Wouldn't THAT be a blooper reel!?! 

I did manage to upload all the wedding pics this afternoon. But I really don't have it in me to put it all into a post tonight. In the morning, I promise.

I didn't knit a single stitch of the Super-Secret project today (School Board stuff is eating up my life right now, will get better after Wednesday). I can't show it to you yet anyway.

Still on the fence about a project for the Ravelympics. I'm considering a kid sweater. Size 2 years. All wool. Some intarsia. Not difficult, as I've done about 6 of these sweaters over the years, but can I do it in 17 days? I may be setting myself up for failure.
Now, If I could get a babysitter for the house, husband, kids, school board, and post office...I'd have it made!!!


  1. I love the Dirty Harry movies!!!

    Not going to do the Ravlympics, as I just dont think it would be possible to finish if I go into labour! I am trying to finish my seraphina shawl before the baby comes and the Origami Turkish socks!

  2. I am with kawano Dirty Harry Rocks!!!! You so deserve the award, Love the wedding pictures, felt like I was there!