Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's Better Than....

Summer Camp?

   The kiddos are at a day camp this week. It's only mornings, sort of a trial run to see how they (I) do. As it turns out, we are all loving it. No separation issues at all!
They got out at noon Monday, and we had lunch, hit a local yarn shop (Wonderful! Will tell you all about it, and my goodies, next time...), and spent the rest of the afternoon at a story hour at the local library. They let us have a library card, even though we are out-of-Staters, and we took out lots of books. They also have a toy room, with a train we spent a good three hours at the library during a crappy, rainy afternoon. And, yeah, I was knitting.
(I also spent a good half-hour talking on my phone quietly in the corner of the toy room...only to see a sign on the check-out desk as we were leaving..."No Cell Phone Use In Library!".
I wished I had a sign on my back that said, "Sorry, I've lived on an island for the last 11 years and forget what it's like to be in the real world". We ran out of there!!)
     Both kids jumped out of bed when they heard they had Camp again the next day, so I guess they really do like it. You can bet that next year we'll be looking into a full day camp!
Just think of all that lovely free time!! 

Last night, we saw an older movie called "The Ref". Denis Leary.
Denis Leary is the funniest guy on the planet. THE PLANET. 
And 'Rescue Me' aside, this is my favorite of his work. (Though I really, really loved "The Job" and can't believe they took it off the air. Stupid people. But he followed it up with "Rescue Me", which is awesome, so, I guess everything happens for a reason. And how about my other favorite, Lenny Clark? Imagine throwing a BBQ with both of them?!!? )
"The Ref". Great movie! A 'Must See'.

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