Sunday, August 3, 2008


Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Sawyer.


What a lovely wedding. We had a blast!
I took 534 pictures. Seriously.
I won't post them all, but the ones I must post will take me an afternoon to upload. And that would have happened this afternoon, were it not for...what else? Another thunderstorm.
The power flickered too many times to count over the course of an hour, and burned out our DVD player. Kaput. No way was I getting near my laptop!

On the bright side, yesterday's weather was as good as we've gotten in these parts. Translated, that means it was foggy, but didn't rain. And Hallelujah! It was flat calm!

Will we EVER see the sun on Frenchboro again? 

The newlyweds are due back Tuesday. They will honeymoon during the winter while the rest of us are shoveling snow.

Tomorrow: an overview of the wedding! I may have to break this into two parts due to the sheer number of pictures, but really, it is to distract you from the fact that I have Super-Secret-Knitting on the needles, and cannot divulge any details....

And look what I found tonight, completely by accident...Twist Collective.
Check out the designs by one of my faves...Ysolda Teague. I heart all her designs!


  1. How beautiful - and they look so happy!!! Congrats to the newlyweds. Looking forward to hearing more about the big day!!

  2. What a beautiful dress!!!!! Glad you had fun and took a lot of photos.