Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Summer Camp

So, the Things loved Camp. There wasn't really any doubt that they would, but you never know...they might have missed Mom too much to stay the entire morning....

Yeah. Right.

Surrounded by his Harem, Thing Two never even looked back at me.

Thing One loved all the music, and wanted desperately to be up on that stage!

"Stop taking stupid pictures of us, Mom!"

They gave out t-shirts to all the classes. She jumped right into hers.
She really did enjoy it more than the pictures show!

I reeeeeally liked camp! Can I go again next year?? 
(How freakin' cute is this kid??)

So, next year- full day camp!!! But not sleep-over. Unless I get to go, too. And it had better be at a 5 star resort, if that's the case.

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