Monday, January 31, 2011

Anticipation, Procrastination, and Procreation

My fingers and toes are just a-twitchin' with excitement at the news that the Rockin' Sock Club has shipped, and is on its way to me as we speak.
Oh, the anticipation.....

My stomach is doing feats of acrobatics in disgust at the thought of Doing Taxes, which for us is a four day marathon of paperwork, resulting in the writing of a check that my hand refuses to write. I have to make The Big Guy do it.
Oh, the procrastination....

And I do believe I have entered a whole new level of obsession with knitting. Finding my time swallowed up by countless phone calls and utter nonsense lately, I have rebelled by escaping to the only room in the house I am guaranteed some privacy.
The Bathroom.

As much as I enjoy the short-lived solitude, it's boring in there.
I have small-ish kids. There are no candles or magazines or books. Nothing that could fall in, and wreak havoc on the indoor plumbing that I cherish and cannot live without.

So I snuck in some knitting.
Small knitting:  socks-in-progress.
 Hygienically sealed in a ziploc baggie, and stashed safely in the closet.

Best idea I've ever had.

I managed to eek out this pair of worsted weight  knee socks for Thing Two in two days.

There ARE two of them, just not on the blockers. That puppy is stretched to its max, disfigured for the purpose of a photo op.

Oh, the procreation...
What?? Trust me, the only thing being created in this house is food or yarn related.
That ship sailed, then sank.

I don't think I've ever knit ANYTHING in two days, which is testament to the amount of time I spend in the bathroom....
Just kidding. The majority of the knitting took place hanging out in my truck, supervising the kids ice skating on the pond. While watching Netflix and surfing the web.
I don't 'rough it' anywhere.

Speaking of web surfing: have you seen this?
photo from The Loopy Ewe website. Obviously, right?

Sheri, at The Loopy Ewe,  now has Riveting, a cotton yarn made from recycled blue jeans.

I'm pretty sure I've died and gone to heaven. I'll know for sure when it arrives.

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