Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sloppy Joe's!

We sent The Big Guy ashore Thursday, so essentially, I had the weekend off.
Three days in which to have full control of the remote and the hassock he uses as a footrest and I use as a table for knitting paraphernalia. Awesome!

Friday and Saturday nights, The Things and I watched Hogfather.
Great movie!

We all agreed that the Bad Guy was very creepy, even more so in the second part.

In fact, I may have scared the crap out of myself after The Things went to bed Saturday night,  imagining Mr. Teatime in every dark corner of the house.
I had no choice but to eschew the horror movies I had lined up, and opt instead for a marathon of old Saturday Night Live shows, including the Best of Chris Farley.

I woke both kids up screaming laughing at this.


Sloppy Joes....Slop, Sloppy Joes!!!

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