Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barn Raising

The Amish hold a great big community event when a barn is built, and whew, did it just get warm in here, or am I the only one who swoons at the thought of burly strong sweaty men armed with nails a hammer?

Oh, sorry. I'm back.

I won't even pretend to talk about stuff I know nothing about. Praise the Innernet Gods for Wikipedia.

So,  barn raising.

Having recently experienced this hell, I was drawn to this story.

scary picture from the Juniper Moon Farm Blog

Then, as it is wont to do, the knitting community got hold of the story, and, well....
you just have to read it to believe it.

I am a part of many communities: the medical community, a school community, a geographic community, the knitting community.
I'm part of some online communities, some for business, some for pleasure.

But knitters....we've got 'em all beat.

Outfit an entire Navy ship with hats for christmas? No problem.
Help a small indie farmer rebuild his dream? STAND BACK.

I love it- I love being a part of a community that DOES.
My own little Frenchboro Bakery is proud to be a contributor to the staggering prize list.

Spread the word, my friends, and do what we do best: take care of each other.

Thanks, Susie, of Juniper Moon Farm, for bringing us together, and letting us shine!

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