Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year.

I'm not doing any 2010 recap, because it pretty much sucked raw eggs and there's no sense re-living those trying moments.
Yes, there were good ones, too, but to get to them I must trudge through last January, February, and on and on, and...maybe in a few years. Not today.

We found him like this somewhere between 2:15 and 2:30am.
He was so proud to have made it to 'New Year's'.
He had me up at 8:26 the next morning.

Well, I don't know about you, but MY new year is off to a rollickin' good start! (Is TOO a word.)

I've been shacked up with these for a few weeks now, and would totally leave my husband and run off with them to some OTHER deserted island to live with forever if I could get them to take out the trash.

We're very happy together, prompting me to make this utterly useless item.

Scarves and I don't necessarily get along. My usual name for a scarf is not 'scarf', but 'potential and probable cause of my death by strangulation'. This will be adorning someone else's unsuspecting neck. This will be the first Christmas gift for next year. And because I've never been that far ahead in my entire life, it may be the only Christmas gift I make for next year.
Murphy's Law. Somebody's law.

This is the Winter Flame scarf from Knitpicks. (I love Knitpicks! But then, I'm hard-pressed to name a yarn store that I DON"T love.)
Gloss. 70% Merino, 30% Silk, in Espresso. 
...which had better block like a charm because I've got some serious curl going on.
It's now folded and sitting on the bookcase next to the lace shawl I'm too chicken to block.

In between repeats of the Flaming Lace, as I've lovingly nicknamed the scarf, I'm making teeny weeny ornaments from sock yarn scraps. These were on the agenda for December, but alas, the delusion of time was in full force and they never came to fruition.

They are fruitioning now.
And all the Christmas ornaments and incidentals are put away.

Which can only mean that next December I will be searching frantically for the super secret spot I will have squirreled these wee ornaments to.

Then there's the Loopy Challenge. I just happened to be on the loopy website, possibly browsing the Lorna's Laces because I have lusted after Black Pearl for eons, when I spotted the most recent challenge.

 A cable challenge.

I have Cabled Without A Needle, but need more practice. As in, a lot more practice. Very fumbly.
Sort of like me and DPN's. Picture a newbie juggler, with lots of swearing.

So I've jumped into the challenge, and picked out a cabled project for it.
(OK, to clarify...I spent three straight days on Ravelry scouring every single sock pattern listed. 12,002 patterns, give or take. I'm nothing if not thorough.)

I did manage to pick one. A heavily cabled one.

(No, the cabling is NOT going well, thank you. I spent a very good part of the afternoon fighting playing with this. Tonight, I've got one row completed, and I am not convinced my twists are twisting in the right direction. And I can't turn my head because my shoulders are so bunched. BUT. I got one row done. And I will continue.)

And did I get the Black Pearl I've lusted after for so long? 

But in my package from Sherri was a bit of red yarn to make a teeny weeny sock, which is the one you see above. Done while we watched Val Kilmer (hunk) in Double Identity.

And the last thing I've committed to that will keep me busy this year is the Rockin Sock Club. I've vowed to jump on each installment as they arrive, thus not allowing it to linger in the stash.
I know you won't hold me to that promise. 

It's knitting, after all.

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