Thursday, January 27, 2011

A 'Personal Best'

May I introduce: The Heavily Cabled Socks.

I love them.  I knit them in 10 days.(That's a record for me!)
 I'm wearing them right now.
I may not take them off.
I will absolutely do them again.
And, as this was a cable challenge, I'm happy to report that I have a multitude of cable needles that will be soon as I can think of a repurpose for them.
Because I can totally Cable Without A Needle now.

Sorry, been experiencing random Valley Girl flashbacks lately.

I've already got another pair on the needles, because *sniff*, Thing Two asked for a pair of wool socks for skating.
Of course, I immediately obliged.

But I'm otherwise Between Projects. I spent a good 3 hours, adrift in a sea of patterns before finally settling on Charlize, a lace shawl that seems a quick knit.
I need a 'quickie'; I have two baby sweaters up next, and a little girl's dress after that, but, alas, none of the yarn is on the island. Enter...sock yarn stash.

Armed with shawlette pattern, I approached the hiding place yarn cabinet.
Unfortunately, I forgot The Big Guy was underfoot.
Let's just say... that might have been the first time ever that I was not unhappy with the size of my arse, which blocked the interior of that cabinet. Whew.

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