Monday, September 7, 2009

Wishful thinking

I can't spin.
I'm spin-challenged.

I haven't thrown myself into this whole hog, so I won't give up just yet...
but it ain't looking good for me.

But I know some of you can spin. I've seen it. It's awesome, and it makes me really really want to be able to do it too.
(So, really, my obsession with spinning is all your fault. It makes me feel better to have somebody else to blame for my faults. I was born in the sixties. The late sixties. Almost the seventies. Sort of. But I'm 29.)

And you will be able to partake of her lovely llama fur, and make great things, and then show them to me.
And I'll be happy, and a bit jealous at the same time.

But I'll also be inspired to sit with that cussed spindle yet again to see if I can make anything come off it that even vaguely resembles yarn.


  1. Spindle spinning makes me into a crazed person. But a wheel? That's way more fun, and way more productive.

  2. Spinning wasn't really for me, even once I got the hang of it. I just accepted that and moved on to things I like more.

  3. I really stunk at spindle spinning, I hated it. I couldn't get comfortable. As for the wheel, I'm learning, slowly.

  4. Well at least you are brave enough to try spinning, I'm afraid to do it, my tendinitis just about puts up with knitting and I am going to try my hand at quilting, but that's about it. Keep going girl and don't give up!