Thursday, September 3, 2009

Acts of Kindness

I love it, just LOVE it when I get goodies in the mail!!


I am a Bag Junkie.

It's what you become when you can't fit into size 6 clothes.
That, or a Shoe Junkie. ( I live on an island. I wear flip flops, and boots. That's it.)


I love everything about this bag; the colors, the size, the shape- the handles!

The lining!

But what I love the absolute most?
It was made just for me, by Gail From Kansas!
You remember Gail, don't you? She won the Coveted Yarn contest?

She is such a sweetie!

And look, there's more:


It's already been through the wash twice...and I think of Gail every time I pick it up.

Thank You, Gail, from the bottom of my heart.
People like you restore my faith in humanity. Mostly.


  1. Nice bag!! I love handknit washcloths, especially if I don't have to knit them :)

  2. Oh, I got to read your post. I got to see all the beautiful things that you sent Gail. I love her. She is one of my dearest friends. We have so many wonderful memories of living by each other, each on a farm. She does beautiful work. I am so glad she shared with you. She is just like that! Hope you are all safe from the hurricane.
    Blessings, Linda
    Prairie Flower

  3. Sweet Marissa,
    I am so glad you like the bag and the washcloth. I knew when I saw that fabric, it belonged to you! I love my washcloth you made just for me. I am getting ready to start the socks made with one of the yarns of the colors of the sea. Thank you again!
    Blessings from Kansas!