Wednesday, September 9, 2009

18 years and counting

We have attended the Blue Hill Fair, in Blue Hill, Maine for 18 years in a row.

That's almost embarrassing. What's really embarrassing is that we still love it.

They have sheep. And we all know how I feel about sheep.

They have goats. And I love them, too.


And cows, and pigs, and chickens and turkeys...and llamas!


Take me home.

Pick me. Choose me. Love me.
(Quick- name the TV show!)


Double Trouble. They were awful hard to walk away from.
In fact, I didn't. I played with them for long, long time.


These two were picking out names. For 6 goats.
That's a lotta poop, 6 goats. I don't care how small they are.

There was some new stuff at the fair this year.

I suppose we all have to think about it eventually...but at the fair??
And what the heck is he smiling about?

Of course, I found the fiber section right away. This has gotten really sparse the last few years. There were no vendors at all this year, only the llama guy.

He had 2 and 4oz skeins of beautiful undyed llama wool, which found their way into a bag in my hand with no help from me, whatsoever.
Though I may have heard the words, " Go distract your Father" emanate from my mouth.
It's all a fibery, blurry haze.

The llama Dude tried to get me to take a garbage bag of fur home.


But I couldn't hide a bag that size, and had to walk away.

The Things decided they were old enough for Big Kid rides this year.
I did not agree, but I lost the vote. We are a democratic family. I liked the Monarchy better, where I had the last word.

They went on the bumper cars. I could handle that.


He could barely reach the pedals, but he LOVED this!


She could reach the pedals just fine, and was kicking butt.

Then she decided she HAD to go on the ferris wheel.


He was all, 'I don't know....'
She was armed with her very best bribes and threats.


...praying for a way out of this....


Checking out what he's really getting himself into...


"Um, I don't think this is a very good idea..."

"Oh, c'mon! I'll be your best frieeeeeend!"


Desperately thinking of a way out...

But she wasn't hearing any of it.
Notice her hand at his back...gently urging him forward....


Wait, I was so caught up watching their exchange that I forgot my babies were about to be lofted many, many feet high in the air!
Hey! Ride Guy! I've changed my mind!
I didn't vote for this! And I'm the Queen!

the look

This is a close up of their faces in the last picture.
look at him, all resigned to certain death.
Look at her.
Aren't I supposed to have a few more years before I get that face???
Isn't that a face a teenager makes at her Mom?

How can I be getting that face already??


Oh crap, there they go.


Oh Dear God. That's very high.

Is that thing swinging? Is it supposed to swing?
I didn't see the other ones swing!

And then I noticed this hose.

This hose, which was leaking.
Drip. Drip. Drip.

That got The Big Guy's attention. He looked over the hose from where we stood. Said it was a hydraulic hose.
Is that bad? Don't they need that? Why is it there if they don't need it? They wouldn't put it there if it wasn't necessary. That means it's necessary! And it's leaking!
My kids are up there.

He decided it didn't matter, as the kids completed their first round. They went around 3 or 4 more times. I couldn't focus to take any more pictures.

And after they put me through all that torture, the little buggers got off the ferris wheel, declared it lame, and went back on the bumper cars.

This is why I drink wine.


  1. Wow are those new bumper cars? We didn't go this year, first time I've missed it since I was probably 2 yrs old! My only regret is no funnel cake or fried oreos!

  2. Oh and that face....ya your in BIG trouble!

  3. HA!! I now see that news of a goat giveaway reached you just in time!!!
    My hubby gave me a rough time when I first started talking chickens....but now that we've had them for awhile he didn't bat an eye when I mentioned goats. I guess they just need to be "eased" into it!
    And yeah, "fair rides" = "mommy panic attack".

  4. What a fun looking fair. That is a true tradition in the summer :)

  5. Oh golly, I just bet you can't wait until that "bumper car face" is driving your actual car. LOL

    He was having FAR too much fun! ;-)

  6. whoooo!

    check out these coffin shelves... I actually think they are rather fabulous,

  7. Oh..yikes, I would have had a heart attack if I saw that hose while mine were riding! Um..coffins, he didn't take a measuring tape to you recently has he? ;)

  8. puahaha... I'm finally settling down to eating dinner, I've got season 2 of Grey's Anatomy on in the background on DVD...and I'm reading your blog...and burst out laughing. The goat is way cuter.