Friday, September 11, 2009

Put The Lime In The Coconut...

Here's the thing about running a business; your time is not your own.

Like, when you have a large order to fill on the day you come home from vacation, you can't just say, 'I'll get to it tomorrow'.
You'll get to it today. Regardless of what else you thought you were going to do.

It makes for some interesting events. It also separates the men from the boys.
I love it.

Like, when your car is full of $2000 worth of groceries, and you can't take the afternoon necessary to put it all away. So you just use the stuff from the car.
You must be thick-skinned, though, to absorb those looks from the neighbors who are watching you measure flour into your mixing bowl from a 50 LB bag in the back of your van.
I love the memories I'm making for my kids.

You've got to laugh at that crap, or you'll go insane.

You crank up the ipod to some crazy music, put the kids somewhere safe, and put your head down and work.
But fate is fickle, or God has a sense of humor, or the Devil hangs out in my kitchen...because the speaker remote has this little button which causes the last song played to repeat over and over and over. And this button is very close to the volume button.

And That Day, the day I was so busy, and couldn't unload my car, I hit that button.

Put the lime in the coconut...

...and drink 'em both up....

over and over and over.

Now, the first time, I laughed like a crazylady, and danced around to it. (How can you NOT dance around to that song???)

By the third time, it weren't funny anymore.

By the tenth time I was throwing measuring cups across the room in an attempt to knock the ipod off the speakers.

After that I gave up, washed the mess off my hands (I was kneading dough at the time and hadn't wanted to stop), and shut it off.

I just plugged in my ipod to make a new playlist.
Guess what came on?

I haven't heard the last of this, either...
through the window, I can see my kids and 3 extras, dancing around and singing it!


  1. Great, now I'll be thinking of that song! That must have been quite the sight, you going back/forth to the car for stuff...oh wait, maybe the neighbors are used to it ;) You know, whatever works for you!!