Friday, September 4, 2009

Glitz and Glam

Bead purists would probably call it cheating....


But I do not care.

I'm having flashbacks to my glitzy Boston days. It was the 80's. Sequins and beads were big.
As was our hair.

I had to put it away before I got drool all over it. And then I took it out again.

I may not have remembered which site I saw it on when I told you about it...but when it came time to order it, I was spot on!

That's the Tilli Tomas from Kpixie. I am in love.

I know exactly what it is going to be.
It agrees wholeheartedly.

I have dug my claws into summer, and refuse to let it go.

Because I really like a challenge.

My determination is manifesting itself in color choice.

Here's a little something I started yesterday.

Huh, what do you know? Same blue.

This sucker is flying off my needles. I know! When's the last time you heard me say THAT??

But I'm very nearly done with the front, and when I find the camera card, I'll show you.


  1. Hey, the beads are there - who cares who installed them?

  2. I LOVE that Tilli Thomas yarn. I haven't purchased any yet. I don't wear scarves and can't think what else could be done with it.

    BUT, I adore it EVERY time I go to the yarn shop!

  3. I'm very curious to see that knit up.

  4. bead purist shmead purist, trek's right, who cares how the beads got there! And who could say anything disparaging about that tilli thomas yarn? yowza, so beautiful!

  5. I agree with Trek! I've strung beads before knitting...ick, I'd gladly pay for it! So you are in a blue color phase? ;)

  6. Ok, I'm curious! That is some gorgeous yarn! I'll bet you're making yourself a new thong. Sorry! Couldn't resist.