Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Beginner's luck?

These were taken today by my 8 year old.

With my crappy camera, that I hate.
Which hates me back.
Which I can't get a decent picture with.

thing one 9-1-09

She's 8.

Did I mention she's 8?

And that this is the first time I've let her loose with the camera?

I hate that camera.

p.s. That last one, on the right? She turned the camera on herself for that one.


  1. Maybe that's the secret with crappy cameras - I should let my kids run around with mine for a bit and see what they can come up with!
    That's quite a grand vignette there. Now THAT makes me love summer. When I lived up north I did love summer. But being down south, summer means awful heat (many 100+ days) awful humidity, and that feeling like you might puke or pass out if you try to get anything accomplished.
    But a New England summer - now that's a glory to behold!
    Here's hoping for a bit of balmy days left for you!

  2. Ship her off to photography school!

    Nicely done, Thing One.