Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And so it begins again...


The Things love it, which helps.

They were up and roaring at 7am, plenty of time for them to be out the door by 7:45.
(Any more time, and they get into toys, and end up late!)


She's wearing the dress Bradley won in the raffle at the
August Dinner, here on the island.
Bradley didn't figure he'd get much use of it, and gifted it to Thing One.
We have prizes for him, for being so generous, which we will surprise him with this afternoon.

First Grade.

Third Grade.

She wants to know when she can start having coffee in the mornings.
I said what any normal Mother says, "When you're 35, same year you may start dating."


Nuthin' but trouble, here.

Here's the whole crew:

Look at all our boys. Look how clean- cut and neat they are.
I love our kids. We have the best kids.

Fourteen kids, 2 teachers.
They are going to have a blast this year.


Including this little doll. She just needed a second cup of coffee this morning.


  1. The kids all look wonderful. There is always something so hopeful about the first day of school isn't there!? The little doll looks like she needed more sleep. lol

  2. How ute are they! Thing one looks like she'll be driving to school by next week! Um the poor little girl next to purple Tinkerbell looks like she could use a second cup too!

  3. Number Guy laughed out loud when I read this one to him. He did not disagree with the sentiment.

  4. You are hilarious! :o) (not just in this post, read others too)