Monday, April 6, 2009

Thing Two

Thing Two loves school.

I mean, he LOVES school.

He loves everything they DO in school. He loves his teachers. He loves his homework.

I blame myself. of course. Every day I am forced to teach myself something new.
'Course I do it under duress, with great protest, and cuss like a sailor.
He smiles and gets excited.

Last week, Mr. Finn told me this story:

Mr. Finn was calling on different kids to answer some math problems.
(Remember, this is a one-room achool house, so all the grades are mixed in together.)

And Mr. Finn asks, What is 5x2?

Thing Two shoots his hand up in the air, a la Horshack in Welcome Back Kotter.
(shut up. yes I am that old.)

Mr. Finn, curious as to how this kid will answer, calls on him.

Thing Two sits back, thinks a minute, and says,"Get back to me on this one."

I love that kid.

Now, what is that smell? Anyone else smell skunk???


  1. Oh that's so funny, and I loved Welcome Back Kotter, but that hair doo, oh my. LOL