Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our 15 minutes of fame

I'm ever just slightly annoyed.

Of all the things I've accomplished in my life, the lives I've saved, the successful non-profits I've run, and so many other's sort of pissing me off that the one thing I'm going to be on television for is where I live. (And, of course, it's not me- it's all of us who live here;  some of these folks have successes in their own lives which deserve to be celebrated.)

If I'd known this was going to be my 'claim to fame' I wouldn't have tried so hard all my life!
('Yeah, right!', says everybody who knows me.)

Fingers crossed that my book will be finished, and published, and well received, and then Oprah (or Oprah's People) will email me once again, this time asking me to come to Chicago....

In the meantime, the AP have picked up the news.  (Seriously? Must not be a whole lot going on in the world.)

Of course, the big buzz is the first segment of the show. The part we've been trying to keep quiet.
On the Down Low.

You'll see.

edited to add:
      Check out the Frenchboro Links on!

The wonderful people at Harpo Productions have put together some extra videos of the island and some of our people, and a link to our website, which contains links to our businesses and travel info!
How awesome is that??!!


  1. I have it ready to tape on my DVR cause I know at aroud 5pm I'll go oh crap Oprah was on at 3 and I missed it, LOL The info says you are a town with only 50 people

  2. It is Tivo-ing as we speak, kids are in piano lesson right now. I did see the "down low" bit on the Oprah home page....TX down low. Are you covering the kids' eyes for that part?? LOL

  3. Watched the bit on and I still love Theresa's Jumper!!! Miles was so happy to see a bit of Johnny and Theresa. I will have to try and get him home on the day that it shown out here so he can see you all. :) he is so happy. BTW Lance has a cool boat!!!

  4. Holy cow, you're famous! You're all over Oprah's website too.

    It's an interesting life, to be sure. I think I'd like a lot of it, but I'll bet it's not easy.

  5. Great show today! My DH is all ready to move to Frenchboro LOL! Loved seeing the wave sweater on Thing One too :o}

  6. I just sent you PM. My biggest OMG, was when I saw Thing TWO in the Blue Wave Sweater. I recognized it, her, Thing One, your kitchen. It was awesome. Awesome bc we only know each other through this virtual world.

    P.S. Thought Bunny Ranch was in TX, but it's in NV. Glad they cleared that up.
    P.P.S. Did ya see Oprah was on Twitter too? Hm???? ;P

  7. great to see you in person What a wonderful bit of fame!

  8. Can't wait to watch it. It should be waiting on my DVR.

  9. Hi Marissa,
    I saw you on the Oprah Show and me and my husband are ready to move there like YESTERDAY! LOL What a quaint little island you are blessed to be part of. In fact my DH and I are planning to visit there sometime this year before the Winter starts. I'll be following your blog and am very impressed with you cute knitwear too!
    Gloria in Maryland