Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reminder-Oprah tomorrow!

It cracks me up to look at my calendar, and see the word 'Oprah' written there on Wednesday's square, like I know her and she's coming to visit or something.

So tomorrow the show airs. There is some 'buzz' afoot.

We will talk more about this AFTER the show. And you shall see why I've been recalcitrant about this whole affair.

Be forewarned: the first segment of Wednesday's show is about a Place Of Ill Repute. 
You may want to occupy the youngsters in another room for the first 20-25 minutes of the show.

I have been Putting Things In Order.
You know what I mean. The kids, the house, the Post Office; everything has been neglected for the past, I don't know, feels like forever.
You know it's bad when I don't pick up needles for weeks on end. 

But the house is nearly straightened out.
The kids are almost back on schedule.
And today I made great progress on the Post Office.

So I picked up Branching Out. 

I'll show you what happened tomorrow. 

1 comment:

  1. I am looking forward to the Oprah show screening here, so I can see your school and the people. :)
    Branching out, was driving me crazy. A bit advanced for me but i did get 2 repeats completed before having enough of it. I did end up with a nice square. I did like the pattern though, it just requires a lot of concentration, and having little ones about is a bit hard to concentrate.
    Yes, I love my slow cooker, I used it again tonight for a hearty meal of meat, potatoes, chokos, carrots, onion, and bacon pieces (plus a can of tomatoes) and stock. Hubby had two bowls of it, and is going to have it again for work tomorrow. He loves it, so that is an added bonus.