Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am busy teaching myself a new trick, and haven't done much of anything else for about 2 weeks.

I moved my Etsy shop onto a website.

By myself.

In doing this I have learnt a few things.

1. I no longer want to take the time needed for mundane tasks like grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You know what I mean. You figure it out. (This will never last, with my OCD. I routinely correct other people's grammar and spelling. It makes me very popular and well-liked.)

2. I have begun to speak with that unmistakable Maine accent, which I've managed to avoid for 16 years. Maybe it's the bad grammar...it sounds better with that twang? I'm hoping it's just a phase.

3. I suck at computer-ing.

4. All the people who live in my house suck at computer-ing even worse than I do, and are therefore no help whatsoever to me in that regard. (In the kids' defense, they are 6 and 8.)

5. There is not a comfortable seat anywhere in my house in which to spend 15-18 hours cussing at a computer screen. I know from what I speak.

6. I haven't seen my kids in what may be a month, except to jump around with my finger to my lips in that universally known shushing gesture, while I cry, curse, scream, beg, and whine to my tech support guys the phone. I need to put a reminder on my fridge that I have kids to tend to.

7. I really, really, really need to knit at least an hour at night before what I call bed. (It's what the rest of the world refers to as a catnap.)

I did manage to finish OWLS. (I love it. Legs will love it.)
'Course it needs 482 buttons....
Turns out, I can call my tech-guys and knit (stockinette, anyway) while they work their magic undo-ing all that I do wrong. 
Yay for tech-guys!

p.s. None of the tech-guys can come to the phone right now.
I have a world class error, the likes of which the first and second support tier have not seen before.
They just bumped me up to level three.
I'm going for the gold, baby!!

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  1. I think Oprah's rubbing off on you, lol. Soon you'll have your own show and be a multi millionaire (was my grammar ok? lol)