Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Show Time!

I have received word that The Oprah Winfrey Show will air our segment on Thursday, April 23rd.

There will also be a link to an informational page on the Show's website, www.Oprah.com.
You know, everything you never wanted to know....

So, back in the real world, the school had a field trip last week. 
We went to Westbrook  (near Portland, Maine) to see an operatic performance by the Boston Lyric Opera. It was awesome; the kids loved it.
In fact, the whole trip was awesome. The kids were incredibly well-behaved, the hotel had a pool which we all but slept in, there was a Dunkin' Donuts right around the corner, and we went to a Sea Dogs game. 
The opening game of the season. (They lost.)

And before we headed home, we hit the Portland Children's Museum,  which was also a blast.

Everything went smoothly, if you can believe that I went on this trip and had no Maalox Moments. We couldn't have had a better time. Well, unless the Sea Dogs won. 

I do have a funny story for you.
At the Museum, we were invited in to a lecture. The staff were excellent, and gave two very good presentations on 'adaptations' and "dinosaurs'.
These young women were, it must be noted, rather 'crunchy'.
(That would be The Big Guy's descriptive word for all things eco/green/hippie/hemp-wearing/granola- eating. He's way PC like that.)

     So, the first crunchy girl invites us into a room for a quick lecture. There were some displays around the room. As soon as we entered, little Jayde, who is 5, spots a small square of what was unmistakably fox fur. I spotted it too. She and I have discussed our great love of fox fur, and foxes in general. We both bolted for the fur. We fought over the small square. She wanted it for a blanket for her Pet Shops. I just wanted it.
     Crunchy girl, mistaking our enthusiasm for dismay, quickly pointed out that all of the items in the room came from formerly living animals who died of natural causes. They were not harmed for our use, but because they are no longer living, it's OK for us to study them, in the name of science. 
She may have had tears in her eyes.

I knew what was coming.

I backed away into a corner of the room to wait for it.

It didn't take long.

Thing Two spotted a moose antler. He asked if he could pick it up. "Yes, we encourage you to feel what is part of nature".
Yeah, he says, hefting the antler. The one my Dad shot had horns way bigger than this.

She paled considerably.

But, she was very professional, and rallied quickly, moving into her lecture. She talked about owls (and it was really interesting), with a smattering of other animals thrown in.

I saw it coming again. I felt like Raven. (That's sooooo Raaaaveeeeennnn...)

Tammy saw it too. She had her hands over her face, and was making weird gagging noises. 
I was pretty sure we were going to be thrown out. I was having flashbacks to high school.

And Ms. Jayde and Thing Two began listing the animals in the room that their parents had shot.

Choking back laughter, I scanned our group of children. Every single child there had at least one parent who hunted. Most of these kids have helped drag deer out of the woods. Mine have helped butcher. (Not my idea. But I guess it's good to know where your food comes from.)

Crunchy girl did awesome, held it together, kept her thoughts to herself...honestly, she never even made a negative face. I was quite impressed. I'm sure she was horrified, but the fact that she was able to show complete tolerance for a lifestyle so arbitrary to  her own, well. I'm really impressed.

Now, one of the kids asked a question that none of us had a satisfactory answer to, and I promised him I'd research it with him.
So I've got to go look up the digestive system of an owl.
Seems they barf up pellets, but they also poop. What's up with that?
Does that mean they have a gizzard? And what the heck's a gizzard, anyway?
I have some homework to do.

When I find my camera I'll show you some pictures.

I know I got at least 2 good ones.

I hate my camera.


  1. Can we have a reminder the day before the show airs? You know about the brain that only works part time, right??? I'm excited to see the show. I live in a small town, but it's not an island!

  2. The exact same thing happens when I take our crew to wildlife exhibits. Those crunchy girls are a tolerant bunch (usually).

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  4. Never heard the "crunchy" nickname before. I LOVE it. Loved your story too, very funny, wish I have been there. Hahahahahaha

  5. Hi, Marissa! I'm the stamp lady from Harpswell -- maybe there are others....
    Copy of my email to my homeboys --


    That website is www.Maine-island-knits.blogspot.com

    To repeat my explanation of yesterday -- I buy stamps from the US Post Office on the island of Frenchboro, ME. It costs NOTHING more to send away for the stamps and, thereby, support this teeny, tiny post office. The island has less than 40 residents, year-round. It is NOT frequented by tourists, but there are SOME.

    Notably, this island -- Oh! The Postmistress' name is Marissa. -- will be featured on Oprah, April 23rd! Maybe you and some of the other Midlanders would like to view a little bit of Maine Life!

    My own home is in Harpswell which consists of a series of islands and peninsulas, coves, and the beautiful rocky, coastal shoreline of Maine. The area is rustic to some extent, and is heavily frequented by tourists in the warmer months. It is about 45 minutes from Portland and adjacent to Brunswick, home of the Naval Air Base (closing in '11) and Bowdoin College, an ivy league school. It is also about 20 minutes from Bath, a very OLD and famous ship-building community in Maine on the Kennebec River.

    I am beginning to sound like a native, but only in an email. When I open my mouth here and my Jersey accent comes out, everyone knows I'm "from away!"

    Love, Bev

    PS Emil, please Tivo this for me!
    PPS Marissa, I have had trouble posting this BLOG. Newbie. My email address is bevfoxmartin@yahoo.com What is an URL?