Monday, March 9, 2009

We interrupt...

...these boring vacation posts for a bit of an update.

Don't bother me. I'm knitting lace.

Yes, you read right. I said lace.

Julie and I decided it was time. We are doing it together, halfway across the world.

So if I don't answer the phone,
if I don't respond to emails,
if I don't blog for a few days,
and if you see me and notice bald spots on my head where hair used to be,

you know why.

And check out Knit Purl Girl. She's cooking up something wondrous over there.


  1. I just wish that I was as fast a knitter as you. Plus if I could also work out my purl from my knit when I have to the even rows, I might catch up to you a

  2. heh, she said I knit fast. Just had to point that out. Silly girl!