Sunday, March 8, 2009


Rare is the ice fishing trip that we don't catch something.


But take Jay with ya, and that's what ya get.

(We actually did catch one tiny white perch. I don't think it counts if the bait is bigger than the fish it catches, do you, Jay?)

We had a blast anyway. We rode around on a four wheeler and a snowmobile. You never saw 5 kids have so much fun with 2 ice sleds. 

And what is it about standing out in the middle of an (allegedly) frozen lake that makes a fried hot dog (the epitome of health) taste sooooo gooooood??

icefishing George's Pond 2/08

We'd had a significant amount of snow the day before, so it was fun. The ice underneath that snow was smooth as glass, and would have been horrible to try to walk on. Good skating, though!

There were two eagles hovering over us. I was afraid for our lives when they realized we'd left them nothing on the ice. I could hear them plotting against us like Heckel and Jeckel.

In fact, I let Brody ride me in on the snowmobile to get ashore quickly!

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