Monday, March 23, 2009

A baaaaad girl

I'm making an etsy purchase.

I'm not considering making an etsy purchase...I'm Making An Etsy Purchase.

Thank You, but please, hold your applause. Let me share.

(This is big news, considering our budget- or lack thereof. Much thought must be put into these decisions.)

I 'met' the lovely and talented Beth some time ago. I bought some fantastical hand dyed yarn, and used one skein in Kirsten's Mystery Sock KAL (which are now being worn by cousin Kissy, and were very hard to part with!), and have the other in progress below:

that's Branching Out, still in its infancy, where I left it before the train left the tracks 9 10 days ago.

Look, she does that tone-on-tone-dye thing that makes me smile. 
Seriously, it's like looking at a newborn baby. I couldn't stop that smile if you put a gun to my head. (Oh, the drama.)

Beth Yarn
Look, just look at it. That's the real color on the left. Look at the variations. I LOVE THAT!
Look in the crappy other picture. Can you see all the different warm and cool spots?
How do they DO that????
It's my favorite thing. 
I think it's why I knit at all.
Well, and it's cheaper than therapy. Which I could seriously use this week, as I work through some issues...but I digress. 

Well, her hand dyeing skills aside, Ms. Beth is a sewer. As in, one who sews.

And she made this.
It's got my name all over it. Yes, there in the lower corner. Can't see it? Too bad. Still mine.

I almost wasn't going to tell you about it. I would show you after I got it, I thought, but not before.
Small and petty, that's me.
I'm having the t-shirt made. Marissa: small and petty.

But, I've had an epiphany. It's not my usual state to be small and petty. You can't do as much charity work as I do, and be all that small and petty. 
Beth's not small and petty. She's wonderful.
And since I'm a huge Beth-Fan...I simply had to share.

And now you see how wonderful her yarn is, and how beautiful her bags are, and I'll never get anywhere near her website, and I'll have to drool over her yarn from afar....
all because I can't be small and petty, even when I try.

I'm going to remember that when I get to Heaven.
'Cause I'm going.
And I have a running list of people who I will look for there, and can't wait to see which of you make it. Bwah-hah-hah.

I still got it!


  1. "You can look for me, for I'll be there!"

    Thank you, Marissa! You are so kind! I love hand crafts, and it's fun to share!

  2. Budget-schmudget! If the yarn and bag speak to you, then it's yours!!! They're totally yummy. I give my executive approval on the purchase!

  3. Awesome, thanks for the approval. I will mention that to The Big Guy when he reminds me that when the deer meat is gone from the freezer, we will progress to squirrel. NOT!

  4. ...greetings from York ME! are and will go heaven, and from one knit-wit to another there will be skeins of yarn to the ceiling and sheep in the meadow as far as the eyes can see....word on the street is that Jay II is tormenting young children and confiscating their "Pet Shop" toys...he is down here tormenting me for the week and will see to it that he will de-program and not pursue this entertaining torture any more ;-)..but how lucky you are to have him in your world..he has more integrity than anyone i know...humble, funny, and always dependable and sure to harass him about the tie and jacket he must wear to his daughters wedding, he might just do a fashion show for ya all!...bless you, your yarn,and your steadfast island soul. Meg form York

  5. your branching out is looking good. I love the yarn, very green and cute. :)